Custom Engraving for a Soldier

Written by Marty Kylar. Posted in Uncategorized

I will always enjoy making gifts for people. When a good friend of mine approached me about making something special for her husband who was in the navy and leaving for Washington, I knew I would do everything in my power to make something special for him.

I met her in a local Starbucks, and after some discussion, she asked if it was possible to engrave something special on the back of his Saint Christopher medal that she bought him for his leaving. I took a look at the medallion and it was roughly the size of a quarter. I said yes, I could engrave on it—the burn would come out black and stay there forever. She said that was wonderful and told me what she wanted it to say on the back.

Being the creative person I am (without sounding too much of an egotist), I asked her to write it down in big letters exactly how she wanted it to look. She did, and I quickly took a high resolution picture of it with my phone. She gave me the medal, and we made another meeting in the same Starbucks for me to bring the completed product to her the next day.

Well, I uploaded the picture to my computer and, with a little bit of work, was able to convert her handwriting into language the laser could understand. Yup, I did it—I put her handwriting on the medallion. I engraved it on there and, if I say so myself, it looked fantastic.

I brought it to her the next day and she was overjoyed. She loved how it looked. I was just glad I could help make something special for a soldier. The pictures are below of the final product, and you can see what she wrote. Enjoy, and if you want something similar done, call us or email us! We encourage you to talk to us, and let us know what you want to create something completely special.

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